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Case Study- Advertising Company

The Scenario and Objectives

This case study relates to an advertisement company based at Dubai. The client had been using FoxPro  for their accounting needs. They found that FoxPro  had a lot of shortcomings and moreover, it did not fully meet all  their requirements. Since the client company spanned the entire globe with offices at strategic geographic locations, they found it difficult to keep track of the accounting transactions at a centralised location  since FoxPro did  not support centralized database facility.

The company was in need of an  application that would record the  full details of each transaction.  When a report is requisitioned, the user should  be supplied with all the required information.  Full inventory details should be recorded with transactions that involves inventory. Complete details of  transactions with a client should be  incorporated in the ledger report and the same should be available to the authorized persons.

Register reports should detail purchase and sales volumes. Purchase return and sales return transactions should  also  be shown. Updation of stock balance should be taken care by the system and stock report handling should be done very efficiently within the system. The application should produce a number of useful and essential stock reports. The inward and outward movement of each item is to be  shown with details like account type, customer, quantity, price, average price etc. These reports should also disclose the age of each stock item. Group wise and item wise stock reports should be produced by the system. Reports like Balance sheet, Profit and Loss account and Trial Balance  should show summary of the accounts as a whole and under various groups along with  profits earned.


We designed the new application in such a way that it would work in various locations and branches using a central database.  All the transactions within the company in different locations are recorded in this database. Since we dealt with large quantities of data we had to maintain the data in such a way that it does not affect the working and the overall performance of the system. Moreover, the functionalities of generating various reports, figures and net profit positions, have been built into the system. The authorised persons with access to the central database, would be able to view/generate reports of any kind at any point of time.

Customer Benefits

The application is platform- independent.  That is, if the user migrates from one operating system to another or from one machine to another, it will in no way affect the application. The application being a multi-user system,  uses a centralized database and all the transactions are recorded in it.  Any number of users can use the system simultaneously. It is a huge advantage indeed, as it saves a lot of manpower and enables the specialization of jobs and tasks.

The Value

The company now owned a very efficient accounting system to keep the data at a centralised database relating to each and every  transaction. The reports provide information about all the transactions. The flow of data and entry of data into different books related to each transaction are very easy. The application has been meticulously developed, complying with international accounting standards and principles. However the unique advantage of the application is that it is simple and user-friendly.

Technical Support

We as usual back our installed applications with our continuous support and 24-hour helpline in the unlikely event of any hitches.

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