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Case Study- Diamond Manufacturer


Client is one of the largest diamond manufacturing and marketing company in the world with operations around the globe. The client had been using FoxPro software, was still looking for alcove adaptation for diamond manufacturing alcove did not exist and customization was becoming painful, time consuming and costly. The client was looking for an integrated, customized ERP software solution specific to their requirement.


a. Implementation of Accounting and Stock session for Diamond trading business.

  • Accounting:- Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Voucher Accounts, Cash Accounts, Financial Ledger.
  • Sales & Purchase:- Order processing, Invoice, Memo Handling, Sales Analysis, EDI Integration.
  • Stock:- Opening & Closing Balance, Stock Tally, Certified-Parcel wise with respect to the Quality.


The solution track profitability, utilization, and set up with customized revenue recognition, account integration, and budget configuration that best fits company needs. In this we established billing rates and fees in multiple currencies to facilitate international business transactions. We delivered accurate, up-to-date information throughout the company's financial management solution, with direct integration of receivables, payables, inventory control, and other accounting functions.

b. Back-end integration:- Software developed to persist business data into databases as well as integrate from the existing domain to new application.

c. Remote Method invocations:- The logic that connects a client and server via a network connection from different locations.

d. Load balancing:- Program directed the server with the lightest load.

e. Transparent fail-over:- If the server crashes or if the network crashes, client should be rerouted to other servers without interruption of service.

f. Transactions:- what if two clients access the same row of the database simultaneously? Or what if the database crashes? Transactions protect you from these issues.

g. Resource pooling:- If the client is not using a server, that server's precious resources can be returned to pool to be reused when other client connects. This includes sockets as well as objects that live within the server.

h. Security:- The server and databases need to be shielded from saboteurs. Known users are allowed to perform only operations that they have rights to perform.

Work Flow


Client hosted the project within the time frame. Implementations are done and transferred to the hosted Server without any transaction problem. Client could release this solution into various countries, for example for Japanese market the implementation was quick because the system already had facility with ‘YEN’ transactions. Client can do their transactions with the translated language from English for the Date selection.


Maintaining tight control over strategic direction, support resources, and ensure that Project completed on time within budget is important for success. Project accounting & stock management connects project activities with company financials. This system also provide extensive reporting capabilities, helps ensure accurate accounting and billing processes throughout project life-cycles, and streamlines time and expense management.

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