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Case Study- Marine Service Company

The Scenario and Objectives

The client is a reputed marine service company supplying essential commodities and machinery parts to ocean-going vessels. The company has branches at many locations and is growing on rapidly. The company needed a system that could handle enquiries, and quotations along with an accounting system to maintain their financial accounting. The company wanted the system to be implemented in such a way that their staff should find it simple to use.

The system should be location-centric meaning that the data and other information feed would be purely based on locations. The company also wanted an internal messaging service in place that would enable staffs to communicate with each other through text messaging. The client also wanted the system to show user status where when an user logs in to the system he/she must be able to see what all jobs are allocated to him/her and also know how many jobs are pending completion. Finally the client also required a form in which the user could enter all the transactions of a particular job card entry, that is, all the expenses, incomes, discounts received, discount allowed etc, so that the user would always know whether a particular job was a profit or a loss.

The Solution

The client wanted the system to be location-specific, we designed the system designed to work in various locations and branches using a central database. This was essential to synchronise item-wise information on the different databases using a single central database for all processing. Since we had to deal with large quantities of data we had to maintain the data in such a way that it did not affect the working and the overall performance of the system.

For information on the pending jobs for the users we provided a link for each job assigned to him/her so that he/she can move directly to the respective form. Master Job card form was a challenge in it self because there were three end users (admin, supervisor and assistant). The permissions and operations had to be adjusted accordingly. We also provided a system to lock various portions of the form so that the date are not altered inappropriately and unauthorisedly.

Customer Benefits

1) Ease of use

We have implemented a simple, easy to understand messages to guide the user to operate a specific task like save, update etc.

2) Reliable and secure.

The system is to be used by various users with different designations. Hence it was important to assign the permissions for each employee in the company. This was implemented to keep the system secure.

3)  Messaging Service

In the system we implemented a messaging service where by the user can send messages to other users in the system. The recipient can reply or delete the message as he/she wishes.

4)  Jobs & users

Each transaction in this system is referred with a unique number called job number, and each job is allocated to a specific user in the company. When the particular person logs in to the system he/she can view the jobs and go to that particular form with a click of a button.

Technical Support

We have provided the package with support and maintenance. We are quiet happy to provide our clients with any assistance regarding this system 24 hrs a day, 6 days a week.

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