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Case Study- Sharjah Airport

The Scenario and Objectives

The client Sharjah Airport Authority's requirement was for a Cargo Management System for their logistics operation and warehouse management. Sharjah Airport  is one of the best  and most important cargo terminals. The Sharjah Airport  handled large volumes of cargo, limited not only to incoming cargo but also the cargo going through, since the airport acted as a tran-shipment terminal.The terminal is a  major hub in Gulf region where shipments come from various parts of the globe, meant for different geographical locations of the region.

The economy  of the region continued to boom and make rapid growth strides. Shipments started  arriving thick and fast and cargo volumes increased manifold. With the Airport's obsolete system, it was well-nigh  impossible to handle  such high volumes of cargo. Hence the client, Sharjah Airport Authority needed an effective solution that would efficiently automate a majority of the tasks involved in handling such voluminous cargo.The intended software solution proposed to be implemented, had to be user-friendly, with simple  end-user interfaces.

The system was meant to be used by  three end users, namely, the Airport personnel, the Ware house keepers, and the Importers & Exporters. Since system was not for exclusive  internal and in-house usage by Airport personnel but with access to public usage by Exporters and Importers, several security and data integrity issues were involved. The system would have to comprehensively track all incoming and outgoing cargo and their warehousing/storage details.

The Solution

We were able to suggest a better package for tracking and easy handling of goods.The first important step was to break down each shipment in to many smaller packages which would then  enable the staff to handle the cargo more easily. Each package would belong to an importer/exporter, otherwise known as agents. The breaking down of each shipment was done by the ground staff of the airport terminal or by the agents. To reduce the work load  of the ware house keepers, the ware houses  would have to be based on locations and each ware house would have to be broken down in to different sectors. This would enable the cargo to be  located effortlessly.

The tracking of the cargo would have to be based on the Bar Code System. Each individual package would have  an unique identification sequence, know as the Bar Code Number. We  also proposed to provide a easily accessible feature  for the agents so that they would be able to keep track of the status of their cargo at all times. The system  would guide  them on such varied tasks such as  goods clearance, customs status, and payment details etc. This  would greatly reduce  waiting time  in queues and  facilitate easy movement from counter to counter.

Customer Benefits

1) Ease of use

The system has been designed end-users in mind, end-users who  are not familiar with computer interfaces. We have implemented the system with  simple, easy to understand messages to guide the user to operate specific tasks like save, update etc.

2) Reliable and Secure

The system can be used by various users with different designations. Hence it has been of paramount  importance to grant permissions for each employee in the company. This has been implemented to keep the system secure and to ensure data integrity.

3) Reduced response time

With the implementation of the system the time taken to process each shipment has been  reduced drastically, resulting in the savings of several man- hours.

Technical Support and Upgradation

We have provided the software solution package with full support and maintenance. We take special care to back our implementations at our client locations with continuous support and assistance with reference to the system implemented. Incidentally, client, Sharjah Airport Authority is in consultation with us for upgrading the system to use the GPS (Global positioning system) which will enhance the tracking effectiveness of the cargo, in and out of the terminal and also reduce the workload related to tracking.

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