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Case Study- Trading Company

The Scenario and Objectives

The client from Dubai intended to automate their HR Department with the help of an appropriate Software solution. The system proposed would have to handle the recruitment process to retirement with other departments in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Using the software solution, all phases of the recruitment process would be done smoothly, with vital details of the interview etc available for analysis through the related reports. All the employee details like personal data, document data, increment data etc can be generated in separate reports, making it easy to analyze the details of each and every employee. End of service details would also be maintained by this system.

The system would also provide attendance marking facility for employees. This would greatly reduce the workload of calculating the attendance of each employee at the end of each month. Payroll management would also be done by the system. The pay slip generation would also be handled by the system. This report would be accessible to the the Accounts Manager. Attendance details, earning details, deduction details etc would be available to the pay slip generation process and would save a lot of time and energy.

The Solution

Our HR management product was an ideal solution for the client.Taking care of all the requirement, we have structured the modules as a customized solution, so that HR department would be able to maintain the details of various departments in the organization. The system would enable them to  handle large quantity of data effortlessly without affecting the performance of the system. MIS and other useful reports are automatically generated by the system, resulting in the availability of needed data at all times.

When an employee's services are terminated by the company either by superannuation or discharge, the facilities given by the company to the employee are automatically and instantly terminated by the system and reports are generated that shows the details of the duration of service of the terminated employee with the details of terminal benefits settled by the company.

Customer Benefits

The software for HR Management greatly reduced the time factor in discharging clerical functions of the HR department. The Payroll and attendance calculation tasks require lot of man-hours and the chances of error in manual calculation were very high. The new software eliminates all such issues. Various useful reports are used to analyze details and working status of employees in various departments in the organization.

The Value

The company now have a very efficient HR management software system to keep the data related to the Human Resource department.


As part of the declared policy of our company, the client would enjoy continuous trouble-shooting support for the installed software system.

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