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Case Study- Online Video Streaming

The Scenario and Objectives

The client from UK wanted to launch a dedicated portal with online advanced video streaming and shopping facilities that would provide valuable services to the football players and fans. The chief users of the such a portal would include online buyers, players and clubs. Selected items are delivered to the shipping address specified by the user. Messaging services are used to inform the buyers and vice versa similar to other online sites. The details of the players like Bio-data, status etc are included in the site and users can easily view or collect the details about their favorite players. The Portal would also include details of the clubs that the players worked for in the past. Their current club details also are displayed. Most of the clubs would be members of the website. Their membership would give them the right to access the details and important information about the players they have developed special interest in.

The Solution

We designed and delivered a portal with advanced search options and criteria-based search facilities and advanced video streaming capabilities. The search is fast and the search results are presented quickly in an user-friendly manner. Users can search for Club wise or Player-wise details category-wise. Built in capabilities for generating numbers of useful reports are available in the system. The details of the players and clubs that are members of the site are displayed in the form of reports. Product details reports and ordered item details reports are also generated by the system. Product details reports includes the details of the products that are displayed in merchandise and the order reports contain the details of the items that are ordered by the buyer. The system maintains the most current information and provides the most modern and trendy items to its users for their purchase.

Customer Benefits

Online shopping option, wish list, player details, club details, gallery, video clipping as in YouTube are some of the services provided to the end users. Managing of category, orders, player list, club list etc was implemented for the administrator in a user friendly manner which was much helpful for the content and product management.

The Value

The system provides advanced facilities for shopping and contains information about important players and clubs through video sharing, gallery etc for the football world. The Portal takes special care to fulfill the client objectives in an efficient manner.

Technical Support

Technical support which is the backbone of any software enterprise, is fully provided with 24-hours availability 6 days a week from our support centre in India.

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