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SCM- Supply Chain Management

Before the advent of the concept of Supply Chain Management, marketing-distribution-planning-manufacturing-and purchasing wings of most companies/enterprises operated quite independently. But more often than not, the objectives of each wing conflicted each other. For example, the goal of the marketing wing is to push through maximum sales while the objective of the manufacturing is to ensure maximum output and to lower costs. This resulted in a conflict of interests. The lack of a single integrated plan of action or management policy became obvious and conspicuous by absence. This pressure situation gave rise to the concept of Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management- The essence

Supply Chain Management is often compared to a well-balanced and well-practiced relay team. A company's supply chain consists of facilities at different geographical locations where raw materials, intermediate products, or finished products are acquired, transformed, stored, or sold, and transportation links connecting the facilities along which products flow. The company’s goal is to add value to its products as they pass through its supply chain and transport them to geographically dispersed markets in the correct quantities, with the correct specifications, at the correct time, and at a competitive cost.

Supply Chain Management therefore embodies those concepts of integrated business planning that have been championed for many years by logistics experts, strategists, and operations research practitioners. Integrated planning is possible due to advances in Information Technology (IT), There are four dimensions to integrated supply chain management.

The First is functional integration of purchasing, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing activities. Spatial integration of these activities across vendors, facilities, and markets forms the second dimension. The Third dimension entails inter-temporal integration of these activities over strategic, tactical and operational planning horizons. Inter-temporal integration, which also is called hierarchical planning, requires consistency and coherence among overlapping supply chain decisions at the various levels of planning. The fourth and final dimension is enterprise integration, which serves the purposes of strategic and tactical planning within integrated supply chain management. Supply chain management, to be really effective and efficient, has to be integrated with demand management in order to maximize the company’s net revenues.

The role of SCM Software Solutions

With complexities connected with supply chain management becoming more and more tangled and knotted, the need for a suitable software for SCM had been the longfelt need of the enterprises. Software Developers soon brought out softwares and other tools to handle supply chain management. Astonishing gains in PC computing speed, e-commerce, and the power and flexibility of technologies like Java has promoted a range of applications for distributed frameworks.

Widespread implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offers homogeneous transactional databases that will facilitate integration of supply chain activities. Java-based supply chain management solutions has today established itself as a proven technology for enterprises. Service-oriented architectures, master data management systems and business content libraries ,based on Java Technologies, enable greater capabilities and competitiveness in supply chain management. Because of the unique advantages of Java which include, inter-operability,customisation possibilities and the constant improvements and innovations made it a best choice for a distributed business like SCM.

Role of Java Development India in SCM

At Java Development India, we have the best and latest technology for SCM. If your company is looking to switch over to Java-based Supply Chain Management systems, then we are the right choice for you. With our strong technology fundamentals, rich domain knowledge and a dedicated team of expert staff, we can put fine-tuned, well-balanced SCM system in place within a very short time frame .Our team of support staff, is available round the clock to meet your most urgent and critical trouble-shooting requirements.

Java Development India offers software development, SCM consulting and SCM related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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