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Engagement Models

We offer three models of working together.

Fixed Price Quote

Based on the System Requirement Document provided by the client we evaluate the project in order to estimate the time that will be taken to complete the project and to assess the technical feasibility. During this phase if the descriptions given by the client are insufficient we may ask for clarifications and also provide our suggestions. Based on the estimated time taken to develop the solution we provide a fixed price quote. All these service are provided free of cost.

We understand that some clients do like to add certain features or make other changes to the specifications during the development phase. In such cases, we do let the client know well in advance about the additional time the change will take and the cost involved. We do also let them know that it is possible to expect a change in the target date due to the additional work involved.

Offshore Development Centre(ODC)-Short Term

We provide the service of programmers to clients from our office in India. In addition to passing on ad-hoc tasks to the programmers directly, we give clients the freedom in team member allocation, task scheduling, priority planning etc. Invoicing is based on the number of resources allocated for the client. However, we need a minimum of two weeks notice to plan for this kind of enagagement.

Offshore Development Centre(ODC)-Long Term

This model lets you have your own offshore development centre in India, saving you the hardwork of coming and establishing it yourself. This would be the most beneficial model for a company that is looking for dedicated resources to work on your projects under your guidance. The nature of the work done can be Custom Software Development, Product development, Software Maintenance and Support or ad-hoc tasks to assist client's internal team. But in this case we are looking at an engagement of a minimum of 6 months. We can provide a team composition that abides by the client requirements. We have several success stories as feathers on our cap with engagements of this kind from Europe and Asia Pacific. Please contact us for more details.

General Note

We offer security and privacy for the assignments we undertake and sign NDAs with our clients based on the best international industry practices.

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