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Java Based Enterprise Application Integration.

Application integration, in other words Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is basically the integration or linking of one module or data from one application into another module of another application. In the case where the two applications exist already, integration or linking is achieved through the assistance of middleware. The challenge is to integrate an existing,legacy application with a new program or with a new application.

Enterprises have already in place a group of applications either developed in-house or licensed. These applications find it necessary to interact with each other for sharing data or function.Till now, most of the integration solutions were proprietary in terms of programming languages or APIs used. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) addresses this by providing a layered approach for the seamless integration of the data and functionalities.

Any enterprise should be normally using many applications and services that function on different platforms. When the need arise for sharing the data or functions between these existing applications, the need for EAI arises. To quote from one software vendor, "Application integration is the secure and orchestrated sharing of processes and/or data between applications within the enterprise." The benefits of application integration brings about the features like, introduction of new applications, modification of existing applications or business process re-engineering, full automation of the entire business processes and so on.

Effective application integration aims at the smooth switch over of data and functionalities between two existing applications or between existing and new applications. There are different types of EAI. The three main categories are Manual AI, Semi-automated AI, Fully Automated AI. Manual application integration requires both developer team and clients to act as the interfaces between applications and enable the integration between them. Semi-automated application integration combines human steps with some automation. Fully automated application integration relies on technology only for the enterprise application integration.

Application Integration is a key part of information technology strategy for every business enterprise today. Enterprises are looking at service oriented architecture as part of the application integration initiatives to help their business become more flexible and responsive. This makes it critical for integrating existing and new applications, processes and services. Enterprises today give high priority to SOA Connectivity which is at the heart of Application Integration.

Java & Application Integration.

Application integration has enabled enterprises to modernise their applications resources and implement new applications , without having the need to total revamp the existing applications set up. Application Integration has furthered the cause of sharing of data and functionalities irrespective of whether the applications are existing, legacy or new programs. Java technologies has tools and applications that facilitate smooth and seamless application integration.

Since Java applications themselves are flexible and interoperable, they have the advantage of being the most suited for application integration. JEE platform provides the ideal launchpad for enterprise application integration, that is truly effective and cost-cutting. Based strongly on object oriented programming and the service-oriented architecture, Java technologies facilitate application integration with web services, catering to the new and flourishing concept of on-demand development.

Java Development India & EAI.

Java Development India has been always innovating and generally adopting to new technologies. Application integration has been our staple diet for growth. We have delivered application integration solutions to our clients, providing high flexibility to their enterprises base, backed by our 24-hour customer care and technical support.

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