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Hand-held Devices & J2ME.

Hand-held devices like the mobile phone, the PDA and the Palmtop have conquered the wireless world of communications in a big way. New mobile communication standards and protocols are being adopted as time progress. Wireless devices undergoing transformation very fast. Java Technologies have gone a long way in taking the mobile communication technologies forward. Java consists of three basic components, the Java programming language, a Java Virtual Machine and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This in effect is the Java Platform.

This architecture has several advantages. The virtual machine is inter-operable and can be implemented irrespective of the OS or the Hardware types. The Java Platform consists of three editions, namely, the Java 2 Standard Edition(J2SE) designed for desktop computers, the Java 2 Enterprise Edition(J2EE, presently JEE) for multi-user enterprise applications and the Java2 Micro Edition (J2ME) for hand held devices and mobile devices.


J2ME is a platform, a collection of technologies and specifications that are designed for hand-held devices. J2ME, therefore, is divided into configurations, profiles, and optional packages. Configurations are specifications that set out how the virtual machine and a base set of APIs can be used with a certain class of device. A configuration deals with a specific device. A profile develops on a configuration with more specific APIs to make a complete environment for building applications. An optional package provides functionality that may not be associated with a specific configuration or profile(Bluetooth, for example).

It is interesting to note that the J2ME platform arose from the need to define a computing platform that could accommodate consumer electronics and embedded devices. The J2ME platform delineated these devices into two distinct categories namely Personal mobile information devices and shared-connection information devices.

Configurations and profiles are the two main elements that comprise J2ME' platform. The J2ME configuration defines a minimum Java platform for a number of devices. A configuration also specifies a minimum set of features for a category of devices. The other J2ME element, the profile, specifies the application-level interface for a particular class of devices. A profile implementation consists of a set of Java class libraries that provide this application-level interface. All J2ME applications are in reality Java applications that run under the control of a Java Virtual Machine.

J2ME in a nutshell.

The J2ME platform addresses two classes of pervasive computing devices. The first class consists of devices with fixed network connections. The second consists of personal, mobile devices with intermittent network connectivity, such as PDAs, mobile phones. Different combinations of J2ME configurations and profiles support these two classes of devices. A configuration provides interfaces for system-level services. A profile provides standard interfaces for application-level services. The configuration enables the profile, providing the necessary medium and mechanisms. The device manufacturer includes the Application Management Software to run the J2ME applications on the device.

Java Development India & J2ME Application Development.

The Hand-Held devices are becoming the order of the day. The scope and potential of usage of these devices are reaching new levels and new heights every day. The need for the deployment of J2ME applications in these devices cannot be under-estimated. Java Development India has acquired sufficient mastery over the development of hand-held devices applications using the J2ME platform. Combined with the services of dedicated and skilled professionals and the thrust of Java Development India on providing continuous, uninterrupted customer care services to our clients.

What Java Development India Offer?

Java Development India offers J2ME development, J2ME consulting and J2ME related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India

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