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Multilingual Java Applications.

Today technology has grown beyond the borders of a nation. The true advantage of a technology is that it must be easily deployed in any locale, ie any country, any language. This process of making available applications in multi-lingual is called Internationalisation. With the help of java applications development any developer with just a little knowledge of locales, resource bundles, and data format classes, can create an international application. JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology has become a first choice tool for developers of stable web applications. Now Swing, JSF, GWT, Ajax all added to the list. With JSP pages, developers can design dynamic web pages.

The advantage here is that an extension developed through the Java Community Process provides enhanced support for the development of multilingual applications. The Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library defines, among other functionality, a set of tags that enable multilingual applications development. The need for multi-lingual java applications development is today widespread and cannot be bypassed under any circumstances. Applications developed with JSP has achieved true internationalisation, with the Java applications able to perform according the locale, ie the language and the country.

Java technologies that facilitate internationalised or multi-lingual Java applications development include the JavaBeans components architectures, the Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) APIs for access to databases, various libraries for XML processing and webservice. It is significant that JSP pages themselves are compiled to Java code in the form of servlets for execution. JavaServer Pages and the underlying servlet technology provide extensive support for handling HTTP request and response information. Determination of the language and locale of the end-user of the java application is the key factor in the development multilingual java applications.

Appropriate codes for language and locale in the form of xx_YY where xx represents the language and YY represents the country are today in use. -(eg:en_US). Web applications are assembled from several components, which may be localized for different language sets. The Java runtime environment can for example, support over 100 locales in over 40 languages. JavaServer Pages-based applications use internationalized pages that obtain locale-dependent content through custom tags, often from resource bundles or use separate locale-specific pages, and a servlet that dispatches to the appropriate page, depending on the user's preferred locales.

The JavaServer Pages technologies -- in particular the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library -- provide the developer with a solid foundation on which he can build multilingual applications. The developer has to however make a few design choices, that is how to determine the user's language and locale preference, how to structure JSP pages for localization, whether to enforce single-language pages or use existing locale support to the fullest, and which character encoding model to use. The JSP technologies enable to implement either choice, so that the developer can reach worldwide audience in the most appropriate manner, the key being that they are reached in their own language. Therein lies the utility and advantage of Multi-lingual Java applications.

Java Development India & Multilingual Java Applications.

Java Development India being an international outsourcing service provider, with a client base stretching across 4 continents and many countries, expressly understands the need for multilingual java applications. Deploying Java Technologies and its vital components, Java Development India combines technological expertise and the advantages of a committed team of professionals to develop applications that are language and locale sensitive and admirably suit the differing needs of different clients in different countries. We do not stop there. We back this with non-stop customer service of the highest quality.

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