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Agile Process

Agile Software Development Process, known simply as Agile Process, is really a mixture of the best of Extreme Programming and Unified Process. The professional software developers often do the client initial specifications. Many clients always wanted to chip in with some ideas or changes to the requirements and specifications originally agreed to. This was not at all possible in XP with its rigid development methods.

Agile Process removes all these concerns of the client since this process is based on frequent customer feed backs and the development here is open to constant improvements and modifications. Thus the Agile Process strives for a more agile approach to software development. More emphasis is placed on getting the right software written fast, rather than strict adherence to lots of methods, systems and procedures. The chief thrust is here on client feedback and requirement modifications. Flexibility is the keyword here.

The central feature of this process is the short development cycles that feature a range of feedback mechanisms designed to improve the efficacy and reliability of subsequent iterations. Developers work with clients and implement their requirements, which constantly evolve and improve during the course of the project. Each iteration is begun with an assessment of priorities with the client and an exercise to define the details of the highest-priority features.

The iteration proceeds with implementation and testing of these defined priorities and the results are discussed with the clients each day. The iteration ends with a presentation of working features and a review of estimates against actual work completed. The feedback from this presentation is effectively used to set priorities, plan and estimate work when planning the next cycle.

Java Technologies & Agile Process

Software Development can be either flexible or rigid according to the development process chosen by the developer. But the unique feature of Java Technologies is that it is always flexible and agile and suits the development process admirably. Basically a java project or product will be an assembly of many individual objects or components.

Java Technologies, when applied with discipline, ensures that developers are focused on clients' top priorities and have the information they need. It gives clients valuable insight into project progress and the quality of the work completed; it also allows them to change project direction if new requirements emerge. Agile Process using Java tools reduces the risk of software development by focusing on client priorities and providing high visibility into project progress. It is a nimble, efficient process with low administrative overhead, which adapts well to different clients and projects.

The software that the combination of agile process and Java Technologies produce, will not only address present business needs but is designed to accommodate future development and growth. Really, the user-friendly features of Java, like security, simplicity, open-source nature and platform-independency lend a solid support to the agile software Development Process.

Java Development India & Agile Process

We have always believed and continue to believe that the client and his views are the most important factor in software development. If the methodology and approach of our software development processes do not benefit the client, we consider it a total wastage of time. Hence we have always used flexible and agile software development processes. Our task has been made much simpler because of our expertise in Java Technologies. Augmented significantly by our domain expertise and our thrust on customer service, our client base has increased. The non-stop, 24-hour customer support provided by us, has been the single most contributing factor to our meteoric rise into fame.

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