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Construction Process

Construction Process in Software Development is the process involving several stages like conception, design,planning, testing, validation and implementation of a solution. These processes can best be viewed as an integrated system. Construction is the implementation of a design envisioned by software engineers. In both design and development, numerous operational tasks like testing at each levels and segments must be performed with a variety of precedence and other relationships among the different tasks.

In an integrated system, the planning for both design and construction ( in this context, it means development) can proceed almost simultaneously, examining various alternatives which are desirable. The planning for a software construction begins with the generation of concepts for a facility which will meet market demands and owner needs. Innovative concepts in design are highly valued for their contributions to reducing costs and a good return on investment. Innovative design concepts must be tested for technological feasibility. Technological requirements must be clearly identified for operation, design resources and construction process.

Java & Construction Process

Java Technologies have several innovative and highly useful tools for the efficient management of the construction process. Several applications based on Java are today available for software construction management. In this line of products, foundation layer is a technology intended to simplify the process of the development of applications that revolutionise the management of construction processes.

The quality and reliability of Java technologies for construction process, stem from the inter-operability and agile features of Java. UML (UML is the industry standard notation for Object oriented analysis/design) diagrams are of great use in the construction process.The Java advantage help software construction process management easier, faster, easily identify, manage, and control change, improve communication in the whole project team and enable overall control over the entire project. Java Technologies have brought about a freshness of approach and new path-breaking innovations to the field of software construction process.

Java Development India & The Construction Process

Years of experience in implementing projects and assignments based on Java Technologies have enabled us to garner rich and varied expertise in not only in Java Technologies but in various software processes too. Technology, expertise and teamwork combined with our solid customer service support spread through 24 hours, has brought us the label of reliability and dependability.

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