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Extreme Programming-XP

Extreme Programming is one of the popular concepts or methods in software development. It is best suited for highly sensitive or frequently changing programme environment. It is a better organised and disciplined approach to dynamic software development. The success rate of extreme programming is high and developer productivity is definitely increased. Extreme programming has a high success rate because of its reliance on customer involvement and great team work.

Extreme Programming differs from conventional approaches by prioritising adaptability than predictability. One of the advantages of Extreme programming is that any changes to requirements and specifications are natural and not an aberration or a deviation from accepted principles. Software development projects once they base their approach on this premise, become highly adaptable to the demands of the users and the clients and take changes to requirements in their stride.

Extreme Programming practices sets certain standards and practices for developers. The primary component of this approach is the user stories which is nothing but the involvement of the customer with their contribution of ideas and requirements. This leads to a development process that is more responsive to customer needs than traditional methods, while creating software of better quality.

One of the important goal of Extreme programming to bring down the cost of change. Extreme Programming embodies the values of communication, simplicity, feedback, courage and respect. This has endeared XP to many a developer and customers.

Java & XP

Java technologies have always relied to refreshingly new approaches to software development and dynamic environment. As a software engineering methodology Extreme Programming blends harmoniously with the tools and applications of the Java. The principle of starting with the simplest solutions and later incorporating to the better ones, has let great flexibility to Java-based XP.

The practice of XP relying on feedbacks like functional tests or acceptance tests, perfectly blend with the accepted practice of Java Technologies which in themselves are great examples of interactive software development. Extreme Programming remains a viable choice for several types of projects. Projects suited to Extreme Programming are those that involve new or prototype technology, where the requirements change rapidly, or some development is required to discover unforeseen implementation problems, research projects, where the resulting work is not the software product itself, but domain knowledge, projects that are small and more easily managed through informal methods and so on.

Java Development India & XP

Java Development India has always been at the forefront of new and challenging software engineering and development methodologies. As expert exponents of the Java Technologies, we fully identify with concepts like extreme programming as a tool to integrate customer requirements through customer involvement and agile software development.

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