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Software Development- Feature Driven Process

Feature Driven Process adopts a segmented approach towards software development. It looks at the entire software development assignment, in a step by step manner, looking to complete sets of features or client functionalities at a time. Feature Driven Process completes and releases these sets of features at regular, pre-determined intervals. Feature Driven Process asserts that a methodology is necessary to gradually shift to large software systems. This type of iterative or incremental software development ensures that the members of the development team as well as the client team, fully understand the value of each set of features developed.

Thus Feature Driven Process is a simple yet effective methodology for software development. Feature Driven process relies on five important basics for successful software development. These are overall model development, complete features list, feature by feature planning, feature by feature designing and of course, building feature by feature. For accurate state reporting and keeping track of the software development project, milestones that mark the progress made on each feature are defined. Since features are small, completing a feature is a relatively small task.

For accurate state reporting and keeping track of the software development project it is however important to mark the progress made on each feature. Feature Driven Process therefore defines six milestones per feature that are to be completed sequentially. The first three milestones are completed during the design by feature activity and the last three are completed during the build by feature activity.

Java Technology & FDP

Java Technologies by virtue of their scalable and flexible nature, provide platform-independent, open-source, secure software development environment under Feature Driven Process. Java helps developers to properly plan, design and build features, by focused domain object modeling. Java provides several tools for monitoring and tracking feature driven process. Java Development India tools like FDP manager and FDP tracker, efficiently carryout the inspections of the basic activities and help complete implementations of the feature sets.

Feature Driven process in reality, under the Java environment, understands, embraces, and accepts software construction as a human activity. Process is needed, as is technology, but the appropriate and timely usage of these factors the success or failure of software development. Feature Driven Process, is model-driven and it uses a breadth, not depth, modeling exercise at the start of a project. One of the keys to good object modeling is to model the domain - this is the key of object oriented programming. Java works silently and efficiently and brings to surface the benefits of feature driven process in software development.

Java Development India & FDP

Java Development India's FDP has benefited to a great extent to our clients from our highly scalable, flexible and inter-operable Java technology based software development, which has done through iterative, feature driven process.Applications based on Java Technologies which have transformed their enterprises by providing feature-sets by feature-sets, complete in all respects, done after great domain modeling and using thorough domain expertise.

Quality Java Technology-based systems derived through FDP add functionalities and client requirements, without the client having to wait for ages for the completed software to reach him. We guarantee that your software requirements would be ably met by us. Java Development India should be your right and smart choice. In addition to the timely deliveries and short time span of the deliveries, we offer impeccable, flawless and 24-hour customer services.

Java Development India offers Feature Driven Process (FDP) based software development, Feature Driven Process(FDP) consulting and Feature Driven Process(FDP) related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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