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Software Development- Formal Process

The Formal Process is one of the approaches to develop software applications and programs in keeping the changing requirements, specification and design levels of the clients. Formal Process is most likely to be applied in certain specific software requirement situations, particularly where the software is safety critical. Software safety assurance standards demand formal processes at the highest level.

Formal process is gaining currency in the software development world with the requirements specifications and designs changing in a constantly changing customer-dictated environment. The Formal Process of software development is much in demand today. The emerging trend under formal process of software development is to write a specification in a particular form of logic and then to directly execute the logic as if a program. The formal process is part of the widely accepted agile process of development and the intent here is to cater to the customer needs, without getting confined into rigid and inflexible moulds.

Java & The Formal Process

As in the case of other agile development processes, Java technologies lend admirable support to software development under the formal process. Utilising its open-source approach and scalable nature to the fullest extent, Java provides multi-functionalities and features to the software applications developed under the formal process, on account of its' platform-independent nature and security features

Java development communities too contribute to reliable, enterprise-specific software development under the formal process. Just like other agile processes like TDP,Waterfall and Iterative, Formal Process too is fast adopting to the Java development environment.

Java Development India & The Formal Process

Java Development India, in its long run up to customer trust, adopted formal process too as part of its repertoire of development processes. Job knowledge and domain knowledge and fine craftsmanship by a team of dedicated young professionals, have taken Java Development India right to the top in terms of customer service and service backup. Our customer care is available for 24 hours a day, a specialty that is attracting a number of clients to us.

Java Development India offers Formal Process based software development, Formal Process consulting and Formal Process related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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