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Performance Management- Load Testing

Load testing is defined as the process of creating demand on a program or application for measuring its reliability and response. In software engineering it is a general term that is used in many different ways by the professional software testing agencies and service providers. Load testing generally refers to the practice of modeling the expected usage of a software program by simulating multiple users accessing the programs services concurrently.

As such, this testing is most relevant for multi-user systems, often one built using a client/server model, such as web servers. However, other types of software systems can be load-tested also. For example, a word processor or graphics editor can be forced to read an extremely large document, or a financial package can be forced to generate a report based on several years worth of data.

Load Testing plays a very important role in the Performance Management of a newly developed software application or programme. Software Testing is the most reliable method in performance management. For a newly developed programme, load testing is crucial in order to assess its capacity to handle simultaneous usage by multiple users, large size files and documents and heavy graphics and other animation contents. Load Testing service providers can test softwares and certify them according to their performance under test conditions.

Internationally accepted standards and certifications exist to classify software programs according to their performance under load and other forms of testing. The life and utility of a software would be heavily limited but for its exacting performance under severe testing conditions like load testing.

What Java Development India Offer?

Java Development India offers Load Testing Services from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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