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Software Development: Pre-Built Frame work (Component Based Development)

It is all fine to talk about different software development processes and methodologies. But one should not lose sight of the budget and cost estimation of the small entrepreneur. This is where the advantages of Pre-built Frame works or Component based development comes in handy. The advancement of web services and the abundance of tools and application servers available to support component-based development, the average, budget-conscious client finds himself at the hub of urgent demand for reusable components and pre-built frameworks which play a proactive role in development standards.

Modern day developers believe that component-based development will be the only way to develop applications. A developer cannot continue to write code for everything he wants to develop. For a budget conscious client, this would be disastrous. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. With the increasing complexity of technology, developer can be greatly taxed in absorbing all these mountainous info. Component-based development eases that burden and is just the right thing for timely deliveries and small budgets.

Java Technology & Component Based Development (CBD)

Java technologies has already developed several pre-built frameworks and ready-to-use components to assist the developers in their task. JEE technology promises to help developers to make the paradigm shift from inflexible applications and rely on component-based development where flexibility and replaceability become quick and inexpensive. The use of Java technologies like the J2EE architecture can enable the developer to resort to the new  application development strategy to meet the demands of the times through the use of CBD techniques.

The J2EE platform helps simplify and speed component-based development for multi-tier enterprise applications and Web services. It does so by providing a complete set of services to those components and by handling many details of application functionalities. The advantage of Java  pre-built components, developed and tested by experts in their field, are now available on the open market, making it easier for developers to build applications component-by-component. The concept is catching on rapidly and Java Technologies goes a long way in helping developers to adopt this new cheaper and efficient development method known as Component-based Development.

Java Development India & Pre-built frameworks.

Java Development India has been putting to great use Java pre-built frameworks like Struts,Spring and many more in developing cheaper software solutions at affordable costs yet not compromising on quality. Our technology base is being constantly updated and our team well versed in the latest software development approaches and methods. Additionally, we offer 24 hour support and customer care services to keep our customers free from the travails of a software shutdown at the most critical junctures.

Java Development India offers Component based software development, Component consulting and Component related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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