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Quality Testing- Unit Testing

Let us explore what is Unit Testing. The software development field is so filled with technical jargons and usages that it would be refreshing to just look at these concepts from a simple perspective. Unit Testing is about testing a unit as a whole and not component by component. We, by virtue of our rich experience, strongly believe that the objective of Unit Testing is to test the interaction of many functions but within the framework of one unit.

It is really interesting that Unit testing can be automated with the help of software tools. These tools analyze the source code and generate a test that will execute every alternative thread of execution. It is our endeavor to make unit testing easy and highly practical. It is the discretion of the programmer to interpret these test into meaningful cases to validate the result of each thread of execution.

Let us take it slowly. Technology articles are sometimes worse than bitter pills. One must learn to swallow it whole. For the time being it is enough that one understand clearly that unit testing is a procedure used to validate that individual units of source code are working properly. A unit is the smallest testable part of an application. A unit test is a test for a specific unit. The goal of unit testing is to isolate each part of the program and show that the individual parts are correct. Unit testing provides a strict, written contract that the piece of code must satisfy.

There exists as in the case of other tests certain golden rules and maxims for unit testing too. It is always advisable to write the test first. This is the unwritten rule of Extreme Programming. Simply put, the golden rule emphasises that one must just write enough code to run the test. Unit testing allows the programmer to refractor code at a later date. In continuous unit testing environments, through the inherent practice of sustained maintenance, unit tests will continue to accurately reflect the intended use of the code in the face of any change.

Depending upon established development practices and unit test coverage up-to-the-second accuracy can be maintained. To put it in a nutshell, Unit Testing, as part of Quality Testing, strives to guarantee up-to-the second accuracy. Thus it can be clearly observed that Unit Testing satisfies the need for quality testing under extreme programming.

What Java Development India Offer?

Java Development India offers Unit Testing, Unit Testing consulting and Unit Testing related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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