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Research & Development (R&D)

Software development is always in a state of flux and growth. Research and Development for advancements in software engineering and software product development is a vital ingredient. The fundamental requirements for any firm to embark on software-related R&D, are the availability of adequate infrastructure, professionally trained software professionals and effective management policies. Software Development involves a capital outlay of average proportions when compared to other business enterprises. Software R&D is a very broad term and includes research and development activities in Process Engineering, Software Engineering and Software Tools/Technologies.

The ultimate of goal of R&D here is to bring quality and innovation to software development.  Software related R&D concentrates on requirements engineering, automated software testing, component-based engineering and advanced reasoning methods. To a major extent demands in the software market determine the R&D strategies and trends in software development. If software development today has reached great levels of innovation, it is because R&D, as a critical component, has played a stellar role in bringing in revolutionary concepts in process engineering and software engineering. New software tools and technologies arrive on the scene all the time. R&D is the life blood of software development .

Java and R&D

Java Technologies is by itself, a product born out of committed R&D. Java applications undergo changes all the time, with dedicated developer communities devoted to developing new programming tools and technologies.This approach to R&D and constant innovation  have made Java a class apart from all other software program development applications. Java provides the right environment for application development and research-based software development.

The secure nature of Java together with its open-source nature and scalability makes it amenable to change and conducive to R&D. Java's mouldable APIs and Enterprise-orientation, makes it one of the most supportive and collaborative development tools available today. Java technologies provide inter-operability, platform-independence and architecture-neutral development environment for software developers. Java fosters the right R& D climate by promoting innovation, experimentation in different methodologies and processes and of course requirement-based development. There is no wonder therefore that software developers all over the world choose Java Technologies as their stable program development environment whether it be for actual assignments or R&D.

Java Development India and R&D

No software developer or service provider can really survive for long, without R&D. Without product innovation and quality enhancement, the competition will soon swallow the stagnant developer. At Java Development India, we believe that strong and unflinching commitment to R&D helps us immensely to stay a step ahead of the nearest rivals. Our thrust on technology excellence and domain expertise in combination with the efficiency and dedication of our team, gives us the extra edge to overcome even the stiffest challenges. In addition our 24 hour technical support to our clients have won us many clients and satisfied customers become our Ambassadors.

Java Development India offers R&D based software development, R&D consulting and R&D related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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