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HR Management Solution


A web based HR system with solid and complete self-service. It helps complete, accurate and real time information in-order to manage the global landscape of today's business environment.

Product Features

  • Mechanize your benefits administration enrollment periods
  • Track a countless of workforce metrics for simplified reporting and measurement
  • Manage your employee communications timely and effectively
  • Empower your employees to manage their own profiles and careers
  • Enable managers to supervise their employee assets in a more effective manner
  • Provide an employee and manager self-service portal for a company practices, policies, news, knowledge and training
  • Time-consuming transactions by automating administrative tasks and minimizing paperwork, all dramatically reducing the costs associated with lengthy HR processes. This is a comprehensive, powerful HR system that helps you manage your most important asset, your employees.


We have implemented a module for adding Recruitment details. This handles recruitment process and appointment process to other departments in a better way. Using this all phases of recruitment process is done in an easy way and all the details about the interview can easily analyzed using interview reports. The screen shot mentioned down is for recruitment requisition,

For adding employee details we have implemented a module. The employee details like personal details, document details, increment details, etc can be produced here, so it is easy to analyze the employee detail. The screen shot placed down is for salary revision.

Payroll management allows to place all accounting details. Attendance details, earning details, deduction details etc are available to the pay slip generation process without consuming more time. The screen shot given below for pay slip.

There is a module for attendance management. Employee’s attendance marking, leave application, extra working day details etc are marked here. The below screen shot for adding extra day working details.

Using report module we can view all entered details. All phases of the recruitment process available for analysis through the related reports. All the employee details can be generated in separate reports, making it easy to analyze the details of every employee. The attendance report would greatly reduce the workload of calculating the attendance of each employee at the end of each month. The payment details would be accessible to the Accounts Manager.

Another module is available for foreign assignment details, Indemnity letter details, Waiver and discharge details, inner circle travel, transfer order, letter format, ticket expenses, bank letter etc.


Operating System: WINDOWS 98/NT/2000/XP

Languages: J2EE, JAVA 1.4, JSP 2.0, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT.

Development Tools: ECLIPSE 3.0.

Database: ORACLE 9i

Web Server: JBOSS 3.2.3


The application is developed in way to accommodate future enhancements and modifications. At most care is taken to ensure that the application is error free and performs well. It strictly follows well accepted accounting standards.

If you are interested to know more about this product please contact us. We can give an online demo of this product at your convenience.

We offer customization of this product based on your specific requirement. If you please send us a detailed description about your requirement; we will  come back to you with the quote for custom made solution free of charge.

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