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Logistics Management Solution


Logistic management software connects logistics operation and warehouse management. It automates and optimizes material handling processes to reduce labor costs, improve facility utilization, increase order accuracy and provide innovative services to customers. It helps to reduce costs through process automation, storage optimization, automated task dispatching and cross docking and helps to increase data and shipment accuracy through electronic bar code scanning and real-time validation and tracking.


We have implemented four modules for the easy logistics operation (master, agent, custodian, and account).Master is main entry session. The shipment was broken down in to many smaller packages which enabled the staff to handle the cargo more easily. Each package belonged to an importer/exporter otherwise known as agents. The breaking down of the shipment was done by the ground staff of the airport terminal or by the agents. To reduce the over head of the ware house keepers the ware house was based on locations and each ware house was broken down in to different sectors .

This enable the cargo to be located effortlessly. The tracking of the cargo was aided with the help of the bar code system. So each individual package had unique identification. We also provide a feature for the agents to keep track of the status of their cargo. The system guided them on the goods clearance, customs status, and payment details etc. This reduced overhead of waiting in queues and moving from counter to counter.

The below screen shot for House Airway Bill. An airway bill is a contract between the carrier and customer for the transportation of goods. The Airway bill is the document issued by the airline or its appointed agent for the air transportation of goods. Master airway bill is the document issued by an airline where as house airway bill is contractual document issued by a forwarder to his customer. The forwarder would then take a number of shipments (HAWB) and consolidate this under an airline MAWB in order create larger volumes and be able to negotiate better rates from the airline.

Once the MAWB or HAWB moves out of the warehouse the warehouse persons (Custodian) can enter the details into the system. The screen shot below mentioned for cleared MAWB or HAWB storage details.

A consignee can keep account opening balance in this system. The below screen shot for account opening balance.


Operating System: WINDOWS 98/NT/2000/XP

Languages: J2EE, JAVA 1.4, JSP 2.0, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT.

Development Tools: ECLIPSE 3.0.

Database: SQL Server

Web Server: Weblogic 8.1


We have provided the package with support and maintenance. The system is now being considered to be upgraded to use the GPS (Global positioning system), which will enhance tracking of the cargo in and out of the terminal and also reduce the overhead of tracking.

If you are interested to know more about this product please contact us. We can give an online demo of this product at your convenience.

We offer customization of this product based on your specific requirement. If you please send us a detailed description about your requirement; we will  come back to you with the quote for custom made solution free of charge.

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