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Travel & Tour Management Solution


Travel and tour management software enable an organization to proficiently manage the complete cycle of operations. This software provides a trustworthy and expedient way of maintaining and cross-referencing all information entered, helps avoiding duplication, lengthy searches and possible mistakes. It lets you easily create, quote, sell, and manage the many details of your travel and tour packages. Its intuitive interface automates many of your time-consuming tasks.

This product enables a web site capable of online booking of flight tickets, hotels, cars, taxis etc and plans the entire trip.

Product Features

  • Support concurrency in transactions.
  • Server load balancing & transparent server failure.
  • Easy to use interface with full-featured user help and site map.
  • Large number of partners, including major airline companies, hotel industries and travel agencies that with support of resources.
  • Abstract Search for unregistered users.
  • Minimal response time
  • Capable of supporting multiple languages, this will help world wide user acceptance of this website.
  • Provides the latest & reliable information. The information provided by the site is 100% accurate in each second we are updating the information, so user is secure.
  • Independent of client browser & OS.


The below screen shot is the home page of a sample product implementation. This product interfaces with most of the leading partners of the airline, hotel and travel industry web services.


The screen shot placed below used to view booking details (airline ticket, hotel or car) through this site. A search option is provided for the user for essay tracking and scheduling of the resources. For getting a desired result quicker an advanced search option is also specified. From the search results one can make the reservations from the site.


Operating System: WINDOWS 98/NT/2000/XP

Languages: J2EE, JAVA 1.4, JSP 2.0, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, WebServices

Development Tools: ECLIPSE 3.0.

Database: ORACLE 9i

Web Server: JBOSS 4.04


Our travel and tour management software solution is a reliable solution available in this segment.

If you are interested to know more about this product please contact us. We can give an online demo of this product at your convenience.

We offer customization of this product based on your specific requirement. If you please send us a detailed description about your requirement; we will  come back to you with the quote for custom made solution free of charge. 

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