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Application Server - GlassFish

GlassFish is the name of the open source development project for the next generation JEE server.GlassFish is based on application server source code donated by Sun. It uses a derivative of Apache TomCat as the servlet container for serving web content, with an added component which uses Java NIO for scalability and speed. GlassFish is licensed under the CDDL an open source license. The Glass Fish project currently includes over 1100 members participating in the GlassFish project, with the objective of developing an open source application server that implements Java EE 5. In addition, the community is working to develop various web services technologies apart from the application server development effort.

The community includes independent contributors as well as contributors from various organizations and companies. Members of the GlassFish community don't necessarily have to take an active role in developing code for the application server. By simply using the application server, they can file and track bugs and exchange information with other community members. The GlassFish project is a structured environment for developing the open source application server. The establishment of the GlassFish project is part of a larger effort by Sun to release major portions of its code into open source for use and improvement by the community.

The open source application server is based on the source code for Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9, donated by Sun Microsystems, and on source code for TopLink, a Java object-to-relational persistence architecture, donated by Oracle. GlassFish puts a free, open source, commercial-grade implementation of Java EE 5 in the hands of the community -- and puts it there early. Think about what benefits this might have for you. If you develop enterprise Java applications, being a GlassFish community member gives you an early opportunity to develop those applications and test them for conformance to Java EE 5. If you maintain enterprise Java applications, you can get an early start in migrating to Java EE 5.

You can also get an early look at some of the new features in Java EE 5, such as the new Java Persistence API, the enhanced mapping capabilities in Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) 2.0, the simplified interface for web services development in the Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS ) 2.0, as well as the ease-of-development improvements in Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 technology.

What Java Development India Offer?

Java Development India offers GlassFish development, GlassFish consulting and any GlassFish related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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