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Java Technologies have been considered by many to be the most user-friendly and dynamic programming tool. Launched in the mid-90's by Sun Microsystems, today Java and its many applications have become very popular. Developers across the globe are contributing to the development of newer and innovative options to java language. J2SE comes with numerous enhancements, including a GUI library (Swing), accessibility and 2D libraries, drag and drop capabilities, support for several audio files and digital certificates as well as enhanced security tools.

In order to understand practical use of J2SE, one must understand the concept of Applet which in fact is a thin application, largely platform-independent and able to work with many different frameworks. Applets are mini applications that perform a variety of functions, large and small, mundane and dynamic, within the framework of larger applications. Most used form of an applet is a browser-based plugin, which enables user to see Flash movies or hear audio files by clicking on a Web page link and for developers they can include multiple events on same GUI components, actions across the pages etc.

J2SE is used primarily for writing applets, swings and other Java-based applications. The Java 2 Platform has three basic Editions: Micro, Standard, and Enterprise. They have varying degrees of functionality and flexibility, with the Micro Edition being used for small-range applications like mobiles and PDA and the Enterprise Edition being used for large, server-based functions. In the middle is the Standard Edition, or J2SE. J2SE has applications up and down the requirements list, filling needs for both individual and complicated business requirements.

Desktop PCs and individual PCs are the largest deployers of J2SE for development of applications. J2SE swings and other applications make programs to run smoothly with rich GUI components and controls over a distributed environment. Java Beans is one of the most important functionality of J2SE. These are reusable components that can be developed and assembled easily in order to create more sophisticated applications. Basically, they are the building blocks of personalized J2SE applications.

Java Beans makes J2SE realise its full potential and perform upto its functionalities. With the kind of development work associated with Java Technologies, it is a matter of no real surprise that J2SE has become the number one quality programming interface with thousands of developer communities contributing to its wide range of functionalities and great flexibility. With many applications being developed under the J2SE platform, users of web programs and net-based activities are finding it extremely simple and easy to access multi-media-rich and content-rich websites both for ecommerce and enhancement of knowledge base.

J2SE - Relevance to Modern Business

Java Platform, Standard Edition lets you develop and deploy Java applications on desktops and servers, as well as today's demanding embedded and real-time business requirements. Java SE includes classes that support the development and deployment of Java Web Services. The Java SE consists of core technologies, Desktop (or client) technologies, and web related technologies. Core components provide essential functionality for developing powerful enterprise-related programs in key areas such as database access, security, remote method invocation (RMI), and communications.

Desktop components add a full range of features to help build applications that provide a rich user experience deployment products such as Java Plug-in, component modeling APIs such as JavaBeans, and a graphical user interface. These applications and programs are today deployed by business enterprises all over the globe to achieve flexibility, ease of operations, platform-independent usage etc. Most of the modern successful business applications are based on J2SE platform and make good use of Webservices and the Service -oriented architecture to smoothen their operations.

What Java Development India Offer?

Java Development India offers J2SE development, J2SE consulting and J2SE related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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