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Java APIs - Java Mail

The Java platform has added functionality, including distributed computing with RMI and the CORBA bridge, and a component architecture namely JavaBeans. The JavaMail API described in this specification satisfies that need. The JavaMail API provides a set of abstract classes defining objects that comprise a mail system. The API defines classes like Message, Store and Transport. The API can be extended and can be subclassed to provide new protocols and to add functionality when necessary. In addition, the API provides concrete subclasses of the abstract classes.

These subclasses, including MimeMessage and MimeBodyPart, implement widely used Internet mail protocols and conform to specifications RFC822 and RFC2045. They are ready to be used in application development. The JavaMail API is designed to serve several audiences like Client, server, or middleware developers interested in building mail and messaging applications using the Java programming language, Application developers who need to "mail-enable" their applications, Service Providers who need to implement specific access and transfer protocols etc. A telecommunications company can use the JavaMail API to implement a PAGER Transport protocol that sends mail messages to alphanumeric pagers.

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