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Java APIs - Java Speech

The Java Speech API enables Speech applications to interact with speech engines in a common, standardized, and implementation-independent manner. Speech engines from different vendors can be accessed using the Java Speech API, as long as they are JSAPI-compliant. With JSAPI, speech applications can use speech engine functionality such as selecting a specific language or a voice, as well as any required audio resources. JSAPI provides an API for both speech synthesis and speech recognition.

With the Java Speech API one can incorporate speech technology into user interfaces for applets and applications based on Java technology. This API specifies a cross-platform interface to support command and control recognizers, dictation systems and speech synthesizers. The Java Speech API was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. in collaboration with leading speech technology companies. Java Speech is primarily an XML text format used by Java applications to annotate text input to speech synthesisers.

Elements of Java Speech provide speech synthesizer with detailed information on how to speak text in a naturalized fashion. Java Speech defines elements which define a document's structure, the pronunciation of certain words and phrases, features of speech such as emphasis and intonation, etc. It is designed in the Java fashion to be simple to learn and use, to be portable across different synthesizers and computing platforms, and although designed for use within is also applicable to a wide range of languages. The goal of JSAPI is to enable cross-platform development of voice applications.

The JSAPI enables developers to write applications that do not depend on the proprietary features of one platform or one speech engine. Decoupling the engine from the application is important. There is a wide variety of voices with different characteristics. The choice of speech engine and voice is subjective and may be expensive. In most cases end users will use a single speech engine for multiple applications so they will expect any new speech enabled applications to integrate easily. The Java Speech API defines packages for both speech recognition and speech synthesis.

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