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Java API - Java Telephony

The Java Telephony API is a portable, object-oriented application programming interface for Java-based computer-telephony applications. Java Telephony serves a broad audience, from call center application developers to web page designers. The Java Telephony API is, in fact, a set of API's. The core API provides the basic call model and rudimentary telephony features, such as placing telephone calls and answering telephone calls.

The Java Telephony API is an extensible API that offers an interface to all call control services. Java Telephony API is a set of application programming interfaces that support interoperation between telephone switching equipment and a computer. Java Telephony Application Programming Interface was developed by JavaSoft, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Nortel and Novell with lead effort by Sun Microsystems. Java Telephony is the standard telephony application programming interface for computer telephone applications under Java. Java Telephony provides the definition for a set of reusable telephone call control objects. With it one gets application portability across platforms and implementations.

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