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Java APIs - Java Data Objects

The Java Data Objects (JDO) API is a standard interface-based Java model abstraction of persistence. Application programmers use JDO to directly store their Java domain model instances into the persistent store. Applications written with the JDO API can be run on multiple implementations without recompiling or changing source code. Applications written with the JDO API are independent of the underlying database. Application programmers can focus on their domain object model and leave the details of persistence (field-by-field storage of objects) to the JDO implementation.

Application programmers delegate the details of persistence to the JDO implementation, which can optimize data access patterns for optimal performance. Applications can take advantage of EJB features such as remote message processing, automatic distributed transaction coordination, and security, using the same domain object models throughout the enterprise.

To explain further, Java Data Objects (JDO) is a specification developed to enable transparent persistence of Java objects. It is a high-level API that allows applications to store Java objects in a transactional data store by following defined standards. JDO API can be used to access data on platforms such as desktops, servers, and embedded systems. JDO implementations can also be made to support cell phone, PDA, and other wireless technologies. In addition, JDO provides a means for treating data stored in a relational database as Java objects.

JDO provides a standard means to define transactional semantics associated with these objects. JDO is designed to work on all Java platforms. All Java platforms - desktop, server, personal, embedded, and card - can use this API to access data. JDO is a high level API that may be implemented using lower level APIs like JDBC or SQLJ PART 0 to store data. This specification provides for interface-based definition of data stores, transactions, selection, and transformation of persistent storage data into native Java objects.

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