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Java APIs - JINI Network Technology

Jini network technology is an open architecture that enables developers to create network-centric services that are highly adaptive to change. Jini technology can be used to build adaptive networks that are scalable, evolvable and flexible as typically required in dynamic computing environments.

Jini network technology is an open software architecture that enables Java dynamic networking for building distributed systems that are highly adaptive to change. Jini technology can be used to create technology systems that are scalable, evolvable, and flexible, as typically required in dynamic runtime environments. It provides an environment for creating dynamically networked components, applications, and services that scale from the device to the enterprise and it offers an open development environment for creative collaboration through the Jini Community. It also extends the Java programming model to the network.

The application of Jini network technology for resource-constrained mobile devices will open up great possibilities. As a result of a recent technology breakthrough, a micro version of Jini network technology can now be used to address a number of current challenges and gaps faced by the mobile industry. Jini network technology provides a protocol and system architecture whereby devices and services are added to the vehicle in a completely spontaneous way. Because Jini is built on top of the Java platform, the developer can take advantage of types in interesting ways. Jini is built on top of the RMI design semantic. Stub code is dynamically loaded from a service and has the same type as what it represents. This approach also explains why Jini is protocol-independent, that is, the communication happens between the representative and the service.

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