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Java Operating System - JOS

JOS or Java Operating System is an Operating System based on the Java platform. The fast and wide acceptance of Java technologies has inspired the developers to go in for a new operating system. The extensive worldwide momentum towards convergence to Java as an international standard because of its universally accepted programming language and platform, has prompted developers to go in for a unique, portable, extensible, and open object oriented operating system.

JOS is seen as an operating system capable of deployment on a variety of host platforms, ranging from personal and embedded computing devices even on multi-user workstations and servers. The JOS is a collaborative undertaking by an international group of Java programmers and developers with the objective of creating a free and open Java Operating System or JOS. Open, Portable, and Dynamically Extensible Java Operating System (JOS) has been the culmination of the intensive efforts of a few committed programmers. JOS is designed to be as simple as possible, or as complex as necessary and adaptable system.

JOS and the Enterprise

JOS is an Object Operating System, based on a configurable layered architecture. To quote, "By 'Open', it is meant that each layer of JOS is an implementation of a coherent set of 'interfaces' which clearly define and provide a set of services and functionality to a client object or application". As a system built mainly of Java components, JOS is highly portable in the sense that only minimal host specific implementation effort is required for the transition of JOS from any given platform to another. And by fully utilizing the dynamic nature of the Java platform, JOS is designed to be fully extensible and configurable at run-time.

The enterprise community would be finding this extremely satisfying to meet their needs. Their incessant attempts to break free from the monopoly of a few branded OSs probably drove the Java Programmers to come up with some thing as refreshingly new and different as JOS. As an interpreted byte code system, Java applications can run with little or no modification on any platform which supports an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine. The availability of a free and open operating system designed with care and concern, with secure networking features, is really what the enterprises wanted. To put it in a nutshell, JOS is intended to be used by the personal users and the corporate users alike. The intended target platforms of JOS range from embedded systems, PDAs, to personal computers, and beyond.

What Java Development India Offer?

Java Development India offers Java Operating System (JOS) development, Java Operating System (JOS) consulting and Java Operating System (JOS) related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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