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Development - Java EE5

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is the industry standard for developing portable, robust, scalable and secure server-side Java applications. Building on the solid foundation of Java SE, Java EE provides web services, component model, management, and communications APIs that make it the industry standard for implementing enterprise class service-oriented architecture (SOA) and state of the art web applications. The name of the Java platform for the enterprise has been simplified. Formerly, the platform was known as Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), and specific versions had numbers such as J2EE 1.4. The 2 is dropped from the name, as well as the dot number. So the latest version of the Java platform for the enterprise is Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5).

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java EE, is a programming platform for developing and running distributed multi-tier architecture Java applications. The Java EE 5 platform is also defined by a specification, similar to other Java specifications. Java EE5 includes several API specifications, such as JDBC, JML, JMS, XML etc. Java EE 5 also features some specifications unique to Java EE for components, like, EJBs, Servlets, JSPs and others. This enables the developer to create an enterprise application that is portable between platforms and scalable, while integrating with legacy technologies.

Moreover, the application server can handle the transactions, security, scalability, concurrency and management of the components that are deployed to it, meaning that the developers can concentrate on the business logic of the components. The biggest advantage of Java EE 5 is that it comes at low cost or no cost at all. The Java EE 5 is available as a free- download from the Sun Microsystems site. Java EE 5 has been termed as the next generation programming tool, eliminating the complexities of programming and dramatically increasing developer-productivity.

What Java Development India Offer?

Java Development India offers Java EE5 development, Java EE5 consulting and Java EE5 related solutions from our offshore software development outsourcing centre at Kochi, Kerala in India.

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